FabricSpan is Manufacturing PPE

Level 1, 2, & 3 Non-Surgical Isolation Gown

FabricSpan is leveraging our manufacturing facilities and industry experience to create Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Specifically, Isolation Gowns for medical, healthcare, dental, and dental EMT& Fire, Law Enforcement, and the general public for pandemic response initiatives.

We have been able to understand and respond to the market needs for Level 1&2 disposable isolation gowns. After some time of understanding requirements, product and supply chain development, and discussions with local healthcare representatives, including Eastern Idaho Public Health, we have now been manufacturing and supplying Level 1&2 disposable isolation gowns. We have filled various orders including the Idaho Office of Emergency Management, Eastern Idaho Public Health, South Central Public Health District, Idaho Primary Care Association, and others. FabricSpan works with a material manufacturing company that independently tests their material to meet ANSI PB70 Level 1, 2, & 3. As a result, we can ensure you the best product available- all from one source! By leveraging our manufacturing to the community, FabricSpan has hired new employees. As a result, FabricSpan can respond to the rapidly-changing needs of the community while ensuring our solutions meet the needs of the practitioners and patients we are supporting. FabricSpan has talked with representatives with the FDA during our development and we are now on the FDA registration list. Please contact us for our Owner Operator Number.

We’re excited to be helping in this way and wanted to let our communities know. If you are in need of disposable isolation gowns, we can help!

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Are you a health-care provider, medical institution, or navigating getting back to ‘normal’ during this time? Contact us for more information about our isolation gowns, sourced and made in the USA!

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If you are a designer, manufacturer, or healthcare provider that requires assistance for the production of a medical device, prototype, or short production run, then our manufacturing team can help.

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