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Our customers contract with us for a wide range of membrane structures and other related projects.

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We respect and keep your product development and project information confidential as part of the working relationship.


Who We Are

Fabric membrane structures bring a sense of unique awe to us. We enjoy helping our partnered customers craft a valued project by providing quality service and professionalism that meet customer expectations.


Waste No Energy, a company that owns and operates a biomass anaerobic digester, selected FabricSpan to design and create the tank roofing for its facility in Monticello, Indiana. The digester required two membrane roofs, one to act as the internal bladder trapping gas between liquid and roof, and the outer bladder surrounded by air to help the structure hold its shape.

Dome Technology built the school in four months, and FabricSpan provided the airforms that became the two distinctive domes atop the school. Monticello Montessori Public Charter School was completed in September 2010—just 10 days before the first class of 192 students entered the halls.

Despite the short construction time, Monticello Montessori was built to inspire students for decades to come. "We were able to sit down and design a custom building, a learning space filled with light, with extra square footage so kids didn't feel crowded. The construction is a good use of public funds because it's solid and it's going to last," Meyer said.